Quotes & Reviews

"I heard there were two local guys in town doing songs and comedy so I thought I'd take a look....they took my breath away...with their music, comedy, and showmanship.... 'Dakaboom'.. is the genuine article! Two voices in perfect harmony, and with joyful abandon and humor, they take you on a magical, musical, modern day vaudeville tour!! Ben McLain and Paul Peglar are headed for stardom. They are unique, they are original, and they are known as 'Dakaboom.' Don't miss 'em 'cause you're in for a treat!"
-Tommy Smothers (The Smothers Brothers)

"I would highly recommend Dakaboom to anyone who is fascinated to a different approach to music and to anyone who enjoys a good laugh." -Colin Johnson, The Dakota Student (September 2014)

"Ben and Paul are both clearly accomplished singers and actors in their own right, and while the two worked in comedic concert to create some of the more hilarious moments of the show, each 'did their own thing,' and were very talented while doing it." -Sam Heyman, The Denisonian (January 2013)

‎"LAist loves the live, on-stage music by Dakaboom ... Ben McLain and Paul Peglar are magical, dynamic, and utterly hypnotic as they make the Amazon come alive with a couple of microphones." -Mialka BonadonnaThe LAist (March 2012)

"People constantly ask frequent-flyer-mileaged cabaret reviewers, 'What’s the best new act you’ve seen recently?' My answer is now: 'Dakaboom!' ... Uproariously funny, endearing, polished but fresh, and multi-talented multi-taskers of music, these real-life 'best buds' are budding—nay, bursting with talent." -Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes (January 2012)

"Together the two are as musically innovative as they are hilarious..." -Catherine Lewis, TBDArts (January 2012)

"Equally impressive (and almost overshadowing [the headliner]) was the vocal duo Dakaboom, whose musical interludes were a mixture of vocalese, beat-box and doo-wop, well-blended with artistry and wit." -Dave Bass, Cabaret Scenes (June 2011)

"Dakaboom sounds like The Smothers Brothers had an unholy love child with The Muppets and abandoned it at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater with nothing but a pocketfull of Boyz II Men CDs."  -Matt Solis, Death-metal band Cormorant (December 2009)

"These guys are the greatest comics I’ve ever seen." -Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron (August 2009)

"The chemistry of this dynamic duo of singer-actors works so well, one tends to think of them as peas in a pod ... These guys have what it takes to forge an enduring professional partnership." -Les Spindel, BackstageWest (August 2008)

"What appeals to me most in a fresh new act is that special way the performers somehow manage to act, be funny and sing with complete naturalness and sincerity. McLain and Peglar are first and foremost good actors. They possess the talent, charisma and breakthrough inventiveness that hit the jackpot." -Don Grigware, Grigware Talks Theatre (August 2008)